Solar For Automobiles

BecauseSolar offers custom solutions for your car, overlanding rig, RVs/Campers and more!  As many of our customers know, we have a passion for automobiles, engineering and all things technical.  Combined with our passion for the environment, we thought there must be a way to combine our passions!  


We are in the process of developing a specialized line of thin film flexible solar panels, which are custom configured and fused (using our patent pending encapsulation process) into vehicle body panels.  Tesla and other EV's shouldn't have all the fun! Coming soon you will find our full line of hoods, roofs, trunk lids, rooftop tent and covers, and various body panels which will be connected to your vehicle and controllable via our bluetooth app to charge your onboard batteries and/or keep your automobile fans and refrigerators running to keep your interior and precious cargo cool while parked.  


We have a line of thin film solar specific to the EV market to assist in range extension via battery charging.  We are also working with industry leading battery manufacturers to bring custom tailored Lithium battery energy storage systems to allow you to take your camper or overlanding rig further off the beaten path and for longer periods of time!  The quiet confidence of our solar + battery energy storage systems will power what you need for less weight and without a loud and smelly gas burning generator to power your lights, fridge and life anywhere you go!

Applications Include:


EV Charging/Range Extending

Safety and Security

RV's & Campers


Please reach out today for more information and a demo of our products and capabilities!